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The past few weeks = craziness! Matt’s been busy at work, our weekly schedules: full, there was the exhausting trip to AZ, and we started laying the final section of flooring in our kitchen/living room….

Matt’s birthday is almost here… My plan is to surprise him with a little R&R in San Diego. I booked us a room for two nights, packed the bags and waited for him to get off work (without fail, he’s stuck in late case…sigh).

We had such an INCREDIBLE time away. J


  • Spontaneous weekend getaways/ mini-vacations.
  • Peppermint baths! (The seasonal “twisted peppermint” line by Bath & Body Works is AMAZING).
  • Wake up to the sunlight streaming in through the porch shutters and choose to stay under the covers an extra hour.
  • Open birthday presents in bed!
  • PIZZERIA LUIGI!!!! All I can say is: WOW! Seriously the greatest pizza in all of southern California. We started off with 2 pieces…. Ended up downing six and wished we had room for more.
  • Enjoy a lazy afternoon movie.
  • Start Christmas shopping early!
  • Get the life essence soaked out of you with a relaxing visit to the spa.
  • Turn in early.
  • Devour a delicious AM breakfast together!

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Debbie Rothaus said...

glad you could get-away from all the distractions and enjoy time spoiling one another.