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Daily Tide 11.24: Thanksgiving 2011

"I will be glad and rejoice in Thee." -Psalm 9:2
We will be glad and rejoice:  two words with one sense, double joy, blessedness upon blessedness.  Need there be any limit to our rejoicing in the Lord?  Do not men of grace find their Lord to be camphire and spikenard, calamus and cinnamon even now, and what better fragrance have they in heaven itself?  We will be glad and rejoice IN THEE.  That last word is the... soul of the text.  What heavens are laid up in Jesus!  What rivers of infinite bliss have their source, ay, every drop of their fullness in Him.  Since, O sweet Lord Jesus, Thou art the present portion of Thy people, favor us this year with such a sense of Thy preciousness, that from its first to its last day, we may be glad and rejoice in Thee.
-Charles Spurgeon

We are thankful.
Matt and I have much in our lives to be thankful for.  We are beyond blessed.  To list our life's million blessings would take a lifetime.
But the thing we are most thankful for is to be found "in Thee"
Not because of anything we have done.  But by HIS amazing grace.

Our thanksgiving celebration was a bit different this year; our delicious Thanksgiving feast taking place at the San Diego Zoo... (Is anyone else chuckling at the irony?... Turkey Day at the Zoo...)
Different, but just as sweet.
Sweet because we were together with dear family.  Sweet because it was a beautiful southern California day.
The food was "mmm...." scrumptious!  After lunch we kinda wanted to join this guy...      
Lots of animals were out...
And we also received quite the treat...
This lil Kudu was just born.  Here he is five minutes new.  It was remarkable to watch him take his very first steps!
His first hour of life was full of a lot of attempts... and zero success.
We waited for about an hour...
Till this happened...
A sweet lil miracle :)
Happy Thanksgiving my friends!  

Oh!... before I go, I must show you the souvenir we brought home...
I may have changed the last line ;) 
and appropriately placed it next Matt's computer monitor...
He got a good laugh out of it :)

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