Matt's Corner

February 5th


I couldn’t believe how long us girls stayed in bed this morning…
Enjoying a sweet moment together, 4 generations of girls gathered on grandma’s bed… gabbing, laughing, smiling…

Mom and I’s morning walk was much needed—the crisp, fresh air, the fellowship… lengthy strides to stretch out these old bones ;) 
Even though we were bundled up under scarves, hats and massive coats—which actually bore more of a resemblance to parkas—we could not escape that billowing OKC wind.  Blanketed beneath our eskimo suits, we were actually nice n’ toasty, the only exception being our uncovered faces—which felt the full force of that blustery, winter gale whistling across the plains like an icy shriek.  

Today was the first day of Grandpa’s viewing.  It was my grandparent’s house.  I have never heard of a wake being held at a house before, but apparently this was the custom when my grandma was a little girl.

The evening brought about a full house, lots of family, lots of friends, comfort food, story-telling, picture looking… 

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