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131/365: May 10th

A quiet, lazy morning about the house today… All is calm—no alarm clocks buzzing or cereal bowls clattering in the kitchen… but rather, awaking to birds twittering melodiously outside the windows and the delightful aroma of vanilla coffee beans brewing.

The bliss of having not one pressing matter to see to.

Enjoying an extra-long sit in the kitchen, soaking up the sunlight that streams in from wide windows, staring after a blossoming patio of sunshine.

My good intentions to lace up my running shoes flying right out that window…

Tonight felt like old times—firing up the grill for a casual backyard bash, the entire family drifting about, indoors and out.

Everyone loves a BBQ.

And the night never quite ends…

Instead, the seats at the kitchen table fill in one-by-one—as friends stop in and fill the house with cozy hugs and laughter that grows and grows.

A deck of cards is located and all are huddled at the table playing countless hands of a myriad of card games well into the night. Just like old times.

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debbie rothaus said...

My heart feeling with warmth all over again, having the family together, -Matt :(