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132/365: May 11th

An early Mother’s day surprise was in order this morning…
It’s my sister’s first year of being a mom, you see… and mom and I had a lil something up our sleeve for her.  

We told sister that we were off to get pedicures and that she should come—an invitation we could be sure she wouldn’t pass up.  But once in the parking lot, we handed her a note that went something like this:

“Dear Meg,
Happy very first Mother’s Day!!!  Mom and I totally agree that you shine as a mom… that you’ve entered motherhood with incredible amounts of grace.  We smile at how the Lord has grown you and the way in which you display love and selflessness to your family.  We love you so much and are SO proud of you! …  To celebrate your FIRST mother’s day we are sending you on a shopping spree :)  You have $100 to spend on us… one rule: you must spend the money on YOU… this $ will not work for house, husband or baby… Oh, one more rule: you must spend the money!!!  Happy mother’s day!”

And then, us girls hit the shops… :) :) :) oh yes, we very much did!

We arrived home in time to gather up the family and head out for a celebratory graduation dinner in honor of Brett. 

Over platefuls of yummy brisket at the legendary Gates BBQ, we reminiscenced of a few of our favorite memories with our youngest brother… hard to believe he’s all grown up now.

We are all so proud of who Brett is, so proud of the man he is becoming.

I sat smiling as Brett walked across the stage tonight, the final words from tonight’s commencement speech still ringing in my head, “What would you do for God if you knew you wouldn’t fail?”
I’m eager to see what plans that the Lord has for him yet.

Congrat’s brother!

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debbie rothaus said...

Great celebrations-baby of the family graduating and a first mother's Day for Megan. I am thankful for special moments. :)