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133/365: May 12th

Family road-trip time!!!  —the promise of our weekend odyssey was now a reality, igniting serious excitement as we sped towards the lush, green, rolling hills of Branson, Mo… to our private, inviting escape, just footsteps from the Payne Stewart Golf Course Clubhouse… to our beautiful, secluded golf villa stocked with all the amenities…

Hello lovely wooden back-porch deck… flooded now with pale sunlight.

Hello electric fireplace, which was readily switched on and instantly became a flickering pile of rustic logs.

With the boys out golfing, the girls out on errands, and Harper asleep, I put up my feet, grabbed my favorite book and spent an azure afternoon adrift in a soft breeze… A new season’s bursting out, but it’s still nice to find some quiet amid the excitement... 

At dinnertime we pulled up our chairs at Cantina Laredo, a hip Mexican joint overlooking the water.  Our outdoor seating provided a lovely ambiance, enhanced further by a simple light show over the nearby, adjacent fountains… yum! 

After dinner dad treated us to tickets see SIX at the Mickey Gilley Theater; we were told by several people that if there was one show to see in Branson that SIX was the show to see… so glad we asked… :)

All seven of us give SIX a 10+!  Fantastic show!!!

SIX could be dubbed an orchestra of human voices… but it is made up of six multi-talented brothers, whose melodic vocals intertwine seamlessly, as they not only sing the vocals to hit songs, but also create the notes of the “band” with just the power of just Six incredible voices. Seriously luved this a cappella performance of drums bass, and unbeatable harmonies. Seriously.

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