Matt's Corner


So last year, (much to Matt’s dismay) I backed the new truck into the side of the garage… whoopsie. And now I sadly admit that yesterday morning as I was pulling the truck into the garage, I heard that dreadful BAM sound once again…

BAM = accidentally clipping the side of Matt’s bike, causing it to smash through the drywall, and creating a giant, tire-sized hole in the garage wall… Not the news your husband wants to hear first thing in the morning but (much to my dismay) when Matt saw the damage, he busted out laughing….

Am I married to the greatest man ever or what?


Miller Family said...

Oh man- who taught you how to drive?? HA HA!! Matt was just glad he had a new reason to go to Home Depot! :)

Debbie Rothaus said...

you were the only one who didn't take driving lessons from mom.