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Tertias in Town

“Tertias” means “third one”…. a nickname rightfully bestowed upon Aaron by my parents as they always joked that he was their adopted, third child. Danielle and I were stoked to hear that both Aaron and Ashley were coming to CA for Aaron’s International Pan Jiu-Jitsu Tournament in Irvine. Our brief time together unleashed a flood of great memories from life in Phoenix… there was the illustrious magnificent seven, the late night, early morning and mid-day trips to burrito express for (the greatest culinary achievement of modern day humanity) “the ultimate breakfast burrito,” there were Tekken and soul caliber tournaments, the many nights cruising Gilbert, while laughing at the “fast and furious” wannabe’s, all the valuable times in “life group,”being in each other's weddings (and his unforgettable arm cast at mine)…so many good times!

So glad you guys came out; our casa es su casa anytime!

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