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We Love Nanna :)

I'm probably the only person who would even think to ask my 82 year old gma-in-law to help me sew some pillow covers, but I was thinking “small project”. Albeit, I haven't used a sewing machine since Home Ec. class in Jr. High; I was totally confident that sewing pillows could not be “that hard.” I quickly realized my mistake about 20 minutes into day one; I'm completely clueless... how do you even begin cutting fabric? Where in the world do you find a "bobbin"? What is a "bobbin"?... Needless to say, it took a mere 6 hours to simply "cut out" and "zigzag stitch" the edges. (Nanna's a professionalJ!) Then another 6 hours to put the "invisible"zippers on; it was a very interrupted process because I kept sewing them in wrong and having to use that silly seam ripper to undo all my mistakes (upside down zippers, backwards zippers, wrong side up zippers, etc...I kept finding new ways to mess them up). Finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we spent the last 6 hours "whip stitching" those lovely zippers and completed our “little” project by sewing up the edges (and by taking a celebratory ice-cream trip)!!! I must also say that the 16 beautiful linen pillows on the couch made the 3 days in the "sweatshop" totally worth it! THANK YOU SO, SO, SO MUCH NANNA. I totally treasured our time together and am SO grateful for your sacrifice and service on my behalf. (Also, please note that from now on I plan on buying all future pillows... so you can come back to CA without fear of being asked to return to the "factory")

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Miller Family said...

where is the picture of the finished product? Time for a dgroup reunion! Will matt grill us some chx?