Matt's Corner

Money Saving Tips

Matt => Form 1099

Individually purchased health care premiums in California => High

Yearly deductible for overpriced monthly premiums => Outrageous

Plantar wart on you’re pinky toe? => Snatch some dry ice from the tissue freezer at work and burn it off yourself

It came back? => Repeat above procedure; only this time, hold the dry ice on targeted area till your skin begins falling off…

I literally came home to find Matt writhing in pain because he didn’t want to pay to go to the doctor. Instead he chose to doctor himself with dry ice…. But, in his defense, it actually did work,the second time.

And whatever happened to that make health care affordable plan???


Rothaus Family said...

He's a tough one alright

tracy dodson said...

oh my goodness!!! this is hilarious. matt is one of a kind!